What is ER Workboats?

Considering that your life is on the line, deciding which workboat to buy is a big decision. It is not to be taken lightly.

The purpose of this website is to show nations, companies, organizations, and individuals—interested in purchasing a safety-first workboat designed by Ivan Erdevicki—that ER Workboats provides the safest, most reliable workboats in the industry.

We understand that your safety is our priority.

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With that in mind, we design workboats to handle any workload, survive any weather condition, and look as well as they perform.

Safety. Function. Form.

Following this simple yet proven formula for success, ER Workboats has had the pleasure of designing workboats for:

ER Workboat: Client Portfolio

United States
Special Forces

logo-navspecwarcom-us-naval-special-warfare-command-us-special-forces-er workboat customer

Coast Guard

Canadian_Coast_Guard_Auxiliary-logo-er workboat customer

City of
New York
Fire Department

New_York_City_Fire_Department_Emblem-er workboat customer.svg

United States
Coast Guard

us coastguard seal-ER workboats customer

Royal Canadian
Search & Rescue

royal canadian marine search & rescue-logo-er workboat customer

Armada de Mexico
Fuerza Naval
Del Golfo

United States

US-NAVY-logo-er workboat customer


Royal_Canadian_Navy_badge_er workboats clients

Because when a military, navy, coastguard—or any other organization needs the toughest, safest, most reliable vessel available—they demand ER Workboats.

Who are ER Workboats for?

ER Workboats is your #1 choice if you're looking to purchase a...


ER 40 Police- ER Workboats-About us

Search & Rescue SAR 

ER RAL 50-ER Workboats-About us

Patrol Boats

ER 23 Trooper-ER Workboats- About us

Fire-Fighting Boats

ER 27 New York-ER Workboats-About us


ER 30 Tow Master- ER Workboats- About us


ER 30 Inutuk-ER Workboats-About us


ER 28 Excursion- ER Workboats - About us

Yacht Tenders

ER 21-5 - ER Workboats- About us

Our Mission

We know the ocean can be dangerous at times. That’s why, at ER Workboats, we make it our mission to build the safest workboats on the planet.

Not only do ER Workboats bring you back safely every time—they give you the peace of mind necessary to get the job done right.

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