Safety is our priority

Erdevicki Workboats are designed to get the job done right--then bring you back safely.

When nations from all over the world need military-grade craftsmanship they can trust, they insist on Erdevicki Workboats
Ivan ErdevickiNaval Architect
ER Workboats

The challenges are multifaceted: to create elegant lines, a beautiful image, reliable and seaworthy characteristics; challenges which make the boat design a truly demanding and exciting work. I believe the designing of a boat, be it a work boat or other type, is an inseparable blend of art and technical know-how. I always try to design my boats to look attractive and proportional

Features That Define ER Workboats

Erdevicki Workboat Features- Safety


There's nothing more important to us than safety. We understand the high seas can be a dangerous environment to make a living. That's why Erdevicki Workboats performs in-depth inspections on all vessels to guarantee world-class craftsmanship.

Erdevicki workboat features- function


Safety is paramount. But getting the job done right, can be just as important. It's why every Erdevicki Workboat comes fully-equipped with innovative tools that will make your job easier. Stay ahead of the game with Erdevicki Workboats.

erdevicki workboat features- form


We believe form follows function. Not only should a workboat perform correctly, but it should look how it performs. That's why, inherently, every ER Workboat has a look and form befitting of its superior safety and function. ER Workboats: When it works right, it looks right.

The ER Workboat Fleet

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
Type II Falkins Class Vessel 36ft

1. Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-Type II Falkins Class Vessel 36ft-Ivan Erdevicki workboats-small size

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

2. Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-RCM 30-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

US Coast Guard
USCG Search & Rescue

4. US Coast Guard-USCG 36-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

Mexico Navy
Patrol Rescue Boat 29

5. Mexico Navy Patrol Rescue Boat 29-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

Canadian Navy 26
Patrol Police Boat 26

6. Canadian Navy 26-Patrol Police Boat 26-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

US Special Navy Forces
Pararescue 25

7. Special Navy Forces –US-Pararescue 25-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

US Navy
US Navy 17

7. Special Navy Forces –US-Pararescue 25-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

New York Fire Department

9. NY Fire Dept 28-ivan erdevicki workboats-small size

Edmonds Fire Department
US Fire Boat 30

10. Edmonds Fire Department-US Fire boat 30-workboats by Ivan Erdevicki-small size

Our Latest Pilot-SAR Boat
Ral Marine 50

Latest project-erdevicki workboats-Ral Marine 50- SAR- Pilot Boatjpg
pilot boat flag-workboats by Erdevicki

Pilot Boat

  • Get right where you need to be--easily and quickly
  • Absorb bumps without damaging boat
sinking boat - er workboats


  • Return someone onboard with the Back end Rescue Retrieval Net
  • Tow another vessel from the bow or stern
Ambulance-ER Workboats


  • Put out fires with an Anti-Fire Gun
  • Count on ambulance-level medical equipment like full-size gurneys

About Ivan Erdevicki

The Founder & President of ER Workboats

Ivan Erdevicki, Company founder, started his career as an engineer and then designer working for some of the World’s most respected US custom built yacht shipyards such as Delta Marine Industries in Seattle, WA and other design offices in the USA. His initial designs attracted attention with their unique styling, high performance and reliability. Ivan has developed an expertise in the design of work boats and acquired valuable experience and empirical data through extensive tank testing and prototype testing and evaluation of production vessels.

Ivan started studies of the naval architecture at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, then studied mechanical engineering at the UCLA, USA and the yacht design at The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, Maine, USA. His exceptional talent, study of naval architecture, mechanical engineering and yacht design with hands-on experience of yacht construction and an extensive boating experience on variety of vessels enabled him to develop into a designer with uncommon touch of blending the art of design and engineering into what is today a distinct Erdevicki style.

Ivan Erdevicki is also an award-winning superyacht designer for his other company, ER Yacht Design.


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